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1997 second demo

by Antidote

Dead punks 01:56
You ask me where I was in 1977 You ask me what I did in 1982 But this is fucking 97 Now we're the punks and where the fuck are you You tell me I can't be a punk Cause I was only born in 1975 But look at you a pathetic drunk you're not the one who keeps punk alive Old punk sad punk Old punk dead punk Lost old punks telling stories They think the past had it all Well we are today's punks Still they want the past to rule us all I don't say I'm a punk reviver I don't claim I invented it all But look at it from a different angle Where will you be 20 years from now
Call me a junk Call me a drunk I am punk I don't care Drinking in the sun Is so much fun So much fucking fun I don't care
Money 03:05
Money is made to spend How come I don't own a single cent Money is my most hated friend All I pay is the fucking rent Stupid bills is all they send Better make sure you make some rich friends
Dog story 02:47
Something's gonna happen I can feel it in the air My master's going for a walk and I'm gonna be there It's too late for the beach so we'll definitely walk the park I'm really looking forward so I jump around and bark Three blocks before the park I raise my ears I hear some noise We're not going for a walk he's gonna meet the boys They're gonna do their drinks and drugs and that's nothing for me Another wasted night and I can't sniff around my trees Oh no it's the punks again Always with their amps on 10 Don't they know I hear seven times more I wish he had left me at home I've got to face a heavy night find my way in the crowd No way I can lie down and rest the music's way too loud There's broken bottles everywhere they cut and make me bleed I wish they'd have dog aspirin cause that's just what I need My master's had a good time he's got a funny talk We try to find the way out but he can hardly walk I guide him through the city now that's alright for me But when we're home he falls asleep and I still got to pee Oh no it's the punks again Always with their amps on 10 Don't they know I hear seven times more I wish he had left me at home
Friends 02:36
I won't be there for your abuse Stupid smile on your face it's no excuse All those "friends" you use for manipulation People like you just spread frustration You're not a friend to me The friend you pretend to be A friend to me you'll never be You're not a friend to me My friend you'll never be
Bu$inessman 02:11
Tie and suit and family life Work each day from 9 til 5 then work on from 5 til 10 Don't be surprised if you never see your friends again Make more profits for your boss Do what he wants no matter the cost Lick his ass and kiss his feet another promotion is just what you need Listen to this you stupid prick I hate you from your big car til the hairs on your dick I'd rather be a crust than end up like you I may not have money but at least I can think for myself
"X" on your hand to show where you stand You have fear for my drugs and beer You built up a wall want to be in control But you're no punk if you don't get drunk Straight edge there ain't no hope if you don't do dope Straight edge you're not a punk if you don't get drunk Always preaching telling me what I do wrong "Stay clean live in reality and we'll be strong" Strong in what? No beer and no sex? Don't bother me with that bullshit not that politically correct So you stay clean day and night And you don't drink and you don't fight No sex for you, being sober will do Glad I'm not you and you're not me I'll live in my own reality
All wrong 02:27
Anarchist fascist why the fuck do you exist Communist capitalist you're all on the same list Metal techno it's all the fucking same show Punkrock disco there's one thing you've got to know You're all wrong you just care for yourself
Crawling 02:26
Oh shit I'm drunk again I have to find a taxi I cannot drive the van Vodka and tequila helped me through the night Don't know who I am something's disturbing my sight I really should be at home but I can't remember where I live Got sick all over my girlfriend and again I have to piss Crawling home for the 5th time this week My liver and my stomach are playing hide and seek But I don't worry I'm happy when I drink And I don't care if my friends say I stink It's Saturday night I am in a fight Someone took my girlfriend I had to set it right Smashed the fucker's face with a bottle of gin Showed him places of the bar where he never could have been But he was not alone his friends came after me Ran as fast as I could but now I'm dizzy on my knees Crawling home for the 5th time this week Lost 3 teeth and there's blood on my shirt Some busted ribs a broken jaw A guy with a baseball bat was the last thing I saw
Fast food 02:43
All the forest they put down So they can grow more chemical cow A beast without the right to live Existing only for the meat it gives McBrainwash all the little kids So they grow big on greasy shit And when they die on heart attacks McRonald's laughing behind their backs People die in Africa More junk food from America We all have the right to eat But not McFucking burger meat


released March 1, 1997




Antidote Netherlands

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