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1996 first demo

by Antidote

All the forest they put down So they can grow more chemic cow A beast without the right to live Existing only for the meat it gives McBrainwash all the little kids So they grow big on greasy shit And when they die on heart attacks McRonald's laughing behind their backs People die in Africa More junkfood from America We all have the right to eat But not McFucking burger meat People not profits The end of fucking existence People not profits Help the poor Join the resistance Start a fucking war
Wine 02:08
Money 03:04
Money is made to spend How come I don't own a single cent Money is my most hated friend All I pay is the fucking rent Stupid bills is all they send Better make sure you make some rich friends
All wrong 02:31
Anarchist fascist why the fuck do you exist Communist capitalist you're all on the same list Metal techno it's all the fucking same show Punkrock disco there's one thing you've got to know You're all wrong you just care for yourself
"X" on your hand to show where you stand You have fear for my drugs and beer You built up a wall want to be in control But you're no punk if you don't get drunk Straight edge there ain't no hope if you don't do dope Straight edge you're not a punk if you don't get drunk Always preaching telling me what I do wrong "Stay clean live in reality and we'll be strong" Strong in what? No beer and no sex? Don't bother me with that bullshit not that politically correct So you stay clean day and night And you don't drink and you don't fight No sex for you, being sober will do Glad I'm not you and you're not me I'll live in my own reality
Antidote 02:06


released September 1, 1996




Antidote Netherlands

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