Go pogo

by Antidote

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Dirty Faces DF 90 2000 (10")
Dirty Faces DF 90-2 2002 (12", CD)
Charged Records 014 2000 (LP, CD)
Neuroempire Records 2005 (CD)

Recorded by Chrissi and Smail, Berlin, 1999


released July 8, 2000




Antidote Netherlands

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Track Name: State money
You get high on your dole money
You get drunk on your state money
You never worked a single day
You don't care it's me who pays
Track Name: Punkrocker
He ain't got no future ain't got no hope
Lived life on the streets always high on dope
Told family and friends that they could all fuck off
2 fingers in the air he acted so tough

He was a punkrocker did it for the show
He was a punkrocker had to let it go

He swore it was for life until he met this girl
She moved into his flat showed him a new world
Quit drugs and got a job and then said punk goodbye
A car a 3 piece suit and now he even wears a tie

Punkrock is for life at least that's in my view
So stop pretending you're so punk
By telling us the rules
Track Name: Go pogo
Spikes up full of energy wanna have some fun
Punks and skins are everywhere I start a run
I accelerate and lift up I'll end up black and blue
But I'm in the mood for a pogo so that's what I'm gonna do

My jaw feels like it's broken because I smashed on the floor
I got myself together, gotta get some more
I've got to go up and down I jump back in the crowd
Fuck I love the pogo
I like it fast and loud, punk and proud!
Track Name: No nazis in punk
I am into unity punks and skins unite
But it always ends in trouble when boneheads want to fight
they don't come for the music, don't care about the bands
They just want to sieg heil and make their nazi stand

I really like oi-music, I love to see the bands
but there's no place for nazis it's time to take a stand
They DON'T belong in punkrock, they DON'T belong in oi
If they keep coming to the concerts our scene willl be destoyed
Track Name: De Blauwe
Na 20 jaar moet de blauwe weg
Godverdomme dat gaat niet zomaar zeg!
Wij zullen van geen wijken weten
Wij handelen naar ons geweten

de blauwe moet blijven

Gedonder op het Buitenom
Deze zaak stinkt, deze (gemeente)raad is krom
Wij zullen van geen wijken weten
En handelen naar ons geweten
Track Name: What you want me to do
Another day another fight
No-one is wrong, no-one is right
Arguments and different views
Here we go again on the loose
Track Name: I don't like you
It's always the smae when you're around
Always the same, you always scream and shout
Every night you start a fight
Never any fun, we're not going out tonight
Track Name: Out of control
Again I'm off my face
Again I'm a disgrace
I cannot handle the drinks and the drugs
And in the end I'm all fucked up

Again and again too much drugs and alcohol
Again and again I'm out of control
Track Name: How can we live tomorrow
The rich are getting richer
The poor are getting less
I don't see any changes
It's getting a big mess

How can we live tomorrow if there's no reason to live today
How can we live tomorrow if there's no reason anyway

People get divided
No longer in control
What's the point in living
If we have no say at all

Some people live in castles
While others starve to death
The gap is getting wider
This world is going mad
Track Name: Unite not fight
I went to a show just the other day
My favorite band was supposed to play
I went in had a lot of fun
It was only then when the trouble began

The moment I got in I could feel something was not right
And all of a sudden one big fight
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! punks and skins
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! and no-one wins

Punks and skins get together now
We need to make a change
We need to make it now
We've got to stand together side by side
I'm sure we're gonna make it
There's no need for us to fight
Track Name: Nietsnut
Gisteren weer niks gedaan
Veel te lui om op te staan
Niet aan mijn verplichtingen voldaan
Weer niet naar mijn werk gegaan

Vandaag heb ik weer dat gevoel
Ik leef mijn leven zonder doel
Ik heb geen zin om iemand te zien
En ook geen zin om iets te doen

En morgen zal hetzelfde zijn
Maar ik heb geen centje pijn
Ik kies er zelf voor
Mijn leven sukkelt toch wel door want

Ik ben een nietsnut
Een helemaal nietsnut
Track Name: Come along
I am sick and tired
Of all the work this week
Get drunk and have a party
That is what I need
I've got my friends together
We're gonna see the band
Get rid of all frustrations
This night will never end

Come along
Before you know the night is gone

Don't wanna waste my weekend
In front of the TV
Get drunk and do the pogo
That is really me
I need to have some action
I got to have some fun
Get all the punx together
The party has begun